The Vizcaya Federation of Cycling, within the Historical Territory of Bizkaia, is a non-profit association with legal personality and ability to act, whose priority is the promotion, protection, organization and control of sports modalities and specialties that have ascribed, Within the territory of the Basque Autonomous Community.

FEBICI is governed by Law 4/1993 of 20 December, of the Sport of the Basque Autonomous Community, Decree 60/98, of 5 May, which regulates the sports federations of the Basque Country and other development norms, By the statutes and regulations duly approved, and other legal or federative provisions of any scope that may be applicable ...

The Cycling Federation is part of Asfedebi (Association of Sporting Federations of Bizkaia) and aims to ensure the benefit, respect, equality of opportunity, efficiency and justice in the field that corresponds to an integral sports training Of the young cyclists and of a healthy practice by the cyclotourists.